how will we address your needs?

Together, we will develop an initial plan at our first meeting. Our work will be tailored to your personality, individual preferences, goals, and the type of counseling that is effective for your needs.

As my client, your self-awareness, problem-solving approach, readiness for counseling, worldview, and priorities for care will help us to determine a plan.  As we work together, I will continue to assess your needs, provide feedback, and recommend any changes to our work. I invite you to talk regularly with me about how counseling is going.

what is it like to work with me?

There are times when counseling may feel challenging because you are becoming more aware of your feelings or working through something that is difficult. I will help you cope with these challenges. We will work together to find a pace that is comfortable but also productive for you.

Based on your needs, I may:

•  Give you the support and preparation you need to make desired life changes
•  Help you to get through a difficult life situation
•  Enhance your self-understanding
•  Clarify emotional triggers and consequences of troublesome behaviors
•  Disentangle conflicted feelings
•  Use humor
•  Tell you what the research is on a specific issue
•  Ask you how counseling is going
•  Teach you coping skills
•  Give you homework to help you reach your goals
•  Talk in depth with you to fully understand your experiences, cultural values, and perspectives